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My Job

I am a Children and Youth Librarian. While I do work in the adult area and at the main help desk, I mainly work in the children’s section.

As part of my job, I create specific display to advertise new books, popular books or due to events or programs that we are running at our library. Recently I created a fairytale display due to our Summer Reading Challenge 2016 theme of Storyland Adventure.

I also run the preschool program “Busy Bodies”, which is aimed at age 18 months to age 3. During this program, I encourage the preschoolers to sing along and due the actions. I find songs such as wheels on the bus are really popular. I also read two to three stories during the program.

Other programs that I am involved with include the monthly Lego Club and our newest program Mad Genius Laboratory where staff help the children to come up with scientific experiments to test.

As with all librarian I find that we all have a selection of favorite and popular children books in our head, it is my job to create bookmarks with this selection on them to help the children find new and similar books to read.

I really enjoy my job and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.



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