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Mobile Bus Visit

Today as part of my job I got to spend the morning on our libraries mobile bus being the librarian on the bus.

I got to visit Kindergardens and schools. I loved seeing all the happy children coming onto the bus. I enjoyed helping them find books to read and then reading them a special story.

It is always so rewarding when you go to a school or kindergarden and as soon as you arrive you see the children come running to the gate screaming “the LIBRARY BUS is here, the bus is here”. It just makes my day better seeing how happy the children are to see the bus.

I also enjoy the chance to sit with the children and read the funniest, grossiest book I can find just to see the children and their teacher’s faces screw up.

This is another remainder of why I do what I do, why I love working in libraries. I enjoy seeing children starting their journey of lifelong reading. I enjoy being able to encourage them to read, to share my love with them.

Hope you are all enjoying your day as much as I did. Full of Joy.



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