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Being more positive

With all the shootings and terrorist attacks and refuges needing help in the news, I feel that the world is becoming more and more negative each day.

I have decided that to combat this, I will post one good thing that happened to me everyday for a year on my twitter with the hashtag #sharegoodstuff. Hopefully this will encourage other people to concentrate on the smaller good things rather than the bigger negative things.

So today, I was walking around the library shelving book when a regular patron came up to me and said that she really loved our new library layout that that she looks forward to coming back to our library and thanked me for suggesting a good book for her to read.

I loved that she likes our new layout and that she liked the book I recommended. It is always nice to hear that our patrons like our library.

Hoping that you are all safe and thinking positive thoughts.


My favoure Book

As a readaholic, I have read many books, so whenever I get asked for my favourite book, I have to pause and think about it. Then I need to ask in what genre. Who else finds it hard to pick a favourite book?

When asked for my favourite book, even by genre sometimes I just have too many books to choose from and have to name my favourite author instead with a list of three other author’s I love. Does anyone find it hard, to limit their favourite book to one?

My favourite historic romance author is Stephanie Laurens. I love all her books, constantly have them on preorder and have to stay awake and read it all in one go. I also like Karen Hawkins, Elizabeth Boyle, Amanda Quick and Victoria Alexander for romances that I will love and reread time and again.

For contemporary romance I love Janet Chapman. I have all her books and reread them every year. I also like Sandra Hill, Susan Mallery and Suzanne Enoch.

For cosy mysteries I love Kate Carlisle. I have just discovered her and am reading my way through her book series. I also like Janet Evanovich, Ellery Adams and Sheila Connolly.

For Country romance I can only read one author Linda Lael Miller. I love her family related series such as the McKettrick series.

For Action I love Clive Cussler and Mathew Reilly equally. I have to read all their books. I also like Tom Clancy and Andy Mcdermott.

For Steampunk books I love Gail Carriger and Cindy Spencer Pape. I love that they are whimsical and romantic along with great fashion, dashing hero’s and great action scenes.

My favourite fantasy author is David Eddings. I have read and reread all his books over and over again. I also like Tamora Pierce’s kickass female Heroines.

For Paranormal romance I love Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole equally. I also love Christine Feehan.

For my favourite Children authors I love Enid Blyton, who I still reread now, L.M Montgomery, Rick Riodarn, J.K. Rowling and Brian Jacques.

But if I was pushed to name one book and one book only I would have to say that my favourite book is The Secret Garden. I have loved this book ever since my Great Grandma send me a copy for my seventh birthday. I take the time to reread this book every year. I always wanted to have my own secret garden for there is my goal for the future.

What are your favourite books? Who is your favourite author?  Have you read the Secret Garden?


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Mobile Bus Visit

Today as part of my job I got to spend the morning on our libraries mobile bus being the librarian on the bus.

I got to visit Kindergardens and schools. I loved seeing all the happy children coming onto the bus. I enjoyed helping them find books to read and then reading them a special story.

It is always so rewarding when you go to a school or kindergarden and as soon as you arrive you see the children come running to the gate screaming “the LIBRARY BUS is here, the bus is here”. It just makes my day better seeing how happy the children are to see the bus.

I also enjoy the chance to sit with the children and read the funniest, grossiest book I can find just to see the children and their teacher’s faces screw up.

This is another remainder of why I do what I do, why I love working in libraries. I enjoy seeing children starting their journey of lifelong reading. I enjoy being able to encourage them to read, to share my love with them.

Hope you are all enjoying your day as much as I did. Full of Joy.



Take Control TBR Challenge March 2017

Hey Everyone

Just thought that I would let you know that I have joined the Take Control TBR Challenge March 2017 hosted by Caffeniated Book Reviewer.

So for the whole of March I will only be reading books from my TBR pile. As I have a lot of books to read in this pile, you can tell I was just jumping for joy for an excuse to read them.

I will post my results of how many books I’ve read from my TBR pile at the end of March and on my Twitter feed with the hashtag #TakeControlTBR.

So hoping you will join me in clearing out your TBR list this March. I will also post what book I am currently reading on my Goodread Account. I think that I will start reading Rivers of London to begin with.

How many books are in your TBR pile? What books are you going to read?

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My Job

I am a Children and Youth Librarian. While I do work in the adult area and at the main help desk, I mainly work in the children’s section.

As part of my job, I create specific display to advertise new books, popular books or due to events or programs that we are running at our library. Recently I created a fairytale display due to our Summer Reading Challenge 2016 theme of Storyland Adventure.

I also run the preschool program “Busy Bodies”, which is aimed at age 18 months to age 3. During this program, I encourage the preschoolers to sing along and due the actions. I find songs such as wheels on the bus are really popular. I also read two to three stories during the program.

Other programs that I am involved with include the monthly Lego Club and our newest program Mad Genius Laboratory where staff help the children to come up with scientific experiments to test.

As with all librarian I find that we all have a selection of favorite and popular children books in our head, it is my job to create bookmarks with this selection on them to help the children find new and similar books to read.

I really enjoy my job and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.